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Racchabanda is a smart way for providers to connect with patients virtually. It efficiently eliminates the bottlenecks involved and adequately replicates the experience of onsite encounters and patient interactions while also providing the flexibility of e-consultations.

About Racchabanda

We have listened to the concerns of those in businesses similar to yours and done the research. With what we have created, you now have the tools you need to move your business forward.

As business owners based in the United States, we are constantly evolving our platform to address the challenges our customers face. We are committed to finding solutions to the problems you face, and we will do whatever it takes to overcome them.

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Our Major Industries
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Next-Gen Telehealthcare

Our healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and Telehealthcare is leading the way. Next-Gen Telehealthcare is making a big impact in how we provide care and improve patient outcomes.

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Policy Protect Insurance

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and protection. We take pride in being a reliable source of security and peace of mind for our customers.

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Video Conferencing Institutions

Today, healthcare organizations face complex challenges that can interfere with connecting patients and providers. By streamlining this process, we can make it easier for everyone involved.

Words From Our Customers
I’ve used racchabanda for some time
now and its cool user interface is a
refreshing experience. The feel of
instant connectivity is perceivable. The
ability to have multiple participants’
view in a grid fashion is a nice feature.
Highly suggest trying it out to enjoy the
experience yourself and make your
meetings more productive.
Amshu Murthy
Principle Software Manager / Project Engineering

I used Racchabanda for neighborhood community weekly events, and found
the app very useful. Shree is a perennial entrepreneur, a hands-on engineer and always thinking of new ideas for products.

Hemanth Sampath
5G R&D Lead – Emerging applications

As a teacher, I am now able to work with the most difficult students in my group. My TA now has the option to sit on the available Open Table and work their magic. Open Tables feature has been a blessing over the breakout rooms from zoom.

Mel Grace


Racchabanda is a breeze to work with, No plugins to install and felt so seamless integrated into my patient portal even for my aged patients.




Since it is white-labeled, we own the video consultation service. It’s in our network and we’re in control as no data is going anywhere. This reassures hospitals and clinics as doctor-patient interactions contain sensitive information that is vulnerable to attacks.

CoFounder and CTO


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