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Racchabanda is a virtual communication tool that can be used by healthcare providers, educators, and business professionals looking to streamline their remote communication and collaboration.It eliminates the need    for on-site visits, provides flexibility for remote access replicating the experience of in-person interactions.

About Racchabanda

We have listened to the concerns of those in businesses similar to yours and done the research. With what we have created, you now have the tools you need to move your business forward.

As business owners based in the United States, we are constantly evolving our platform to address the challenges our customers face. We are committed to finding solutions to the problems you face, and we will do whatever it takes to overcome them.

Our Major Industries

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Next-Gen Telehealthcare

Next-generation telehealth care is utilizing advanced technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enhance the remote delivery of healthcare services. This includes video conference consultations like Racchabanda with specialists, remote monitoring of vital signs, and personalized treatment plans. Telehealth is a more efficient way of providing healthcare services remotely and it’s expected to have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

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Policy Protect Insurance

Insurance companies are facing difficulties in connecting with their clients, as a result of the obstacles present in the various marketing channels.Protecting private information during video calls is a key concern for the expanding industry. We offer a cost-effective and a secure solution for users to communicate without the risk of their personal information being compromised by unauthorized parties.

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Tele-education, also known as online learning, is the delivery of educational content and instruction through digital means, such as video conferencing and online learning platforms like Racchabanda.This allows students to learn remotely and at their own pace, increasing accessibility (synchronous & asynchronous) and flexibility, which is especially important for working professionals and students with disabilities.

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